Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
Enjoying™ Headband
  • Enjoying™ Headband

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  • The Battle Against Sleepless Nights

    In today's fast-paced world, falling asleep amidst endless notifications and the glow of screens has become a common struggle. The elusive tranquility needed for restorative sleep is often disrupted by light pollution and the constant buzz of daily stressors, leading to a cycle of restless nights and fatigue-ridden days.

    This modern-day sleep crisis not only hampers our ability to recharge but also casts a shadow over our productivity, mood, and overall quality of life, making the quest for a peaceful night's sleep more crucial than ever.

  • Introducing The Enjoying™ Sleep Headband

    Embrace the calm with Restful Waves’ Enjoying™ Sleep Headband, your personal gateway to undisturbed sleep. This innovative sleep accessory offers a dual solution to common sleep disruptors, by muffling the noise of the world with built-in ear pods, while creating a dark, serene space with its light-blocking feature.

    Tailored for comfort and equipped for tranquility, the Enjoying™ Sleep Headband is a step towards reclaiming the peaceful nights and energetic mornings you deserve.

  • Benefits: Unlocking a World of Restorative Sleep

    The Enjoying™ Sleep Headband is more than just a sleep aid—it's a passport to a realm of tranquil slumbers and revitalized mornings

  • Drift off to sleep effortlessly with light & sound isolation

  • Meditate or exercise with its multifunctional design

  • Avoid costs and potential side-effects of sleep medications

  • How It Works: Dual Comfort Technology

    Designed to address the two prime disruptors of sleep, the Enjoying™ Sleep Headband integrates light-blocking and sound-soothing technology in a comfortable headband.

  • Blocks out light

    Shields your eyes from intrusive light.

  • Listen to music

    Immerse in calming tunes as you drift off.

  • Bluetooth

    Enjoy easy wireless connectivity.

  • Simple & Easy To Use

    Achieving peaceful sleep with the Enjoying™ Sleep Headband is as simple as a gentle lullaby. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Turn on & connect to your phone
    With a simple 3-button operation, press and hold the on button until the headband powers on and enters pairing mode. Navigate to your phone's Bluetooth settings, and select "HEADBAND" to establish a connection.
  • 2. Hit play & slide over your eyes
    Select your preferred application and hit play to enjoy music, a podcast, or ambient tunes. Gently slide the headband over your eyes to shield against light intrusions.
  • 3. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep
    Settle down into a comfortable position, allowing the soothing sounds and complete darkness to escort you into a realm of restful sleep.
  • Your Package Includes:

    • • 1x Enjoying™ Sleep Headband
    • • 1x USB charging cable
    • • 1x Premium gift packaging
    • • 1x Instruction manual

  • Estimated delivery: 5 - 12 days

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